Average Joe Artisan Bread Kit

by wootbot

Homemade Hipness

Artisan is just a fancy word for "we made this crap ourselves."

Sure, you could just go to the plain old grocery store and buy a plain old loaf of made-by-machines white bread, but then we're gonna walk around calling you "White Bread" all the time, and apparently that's some kind of insult, even though everyone knows that the best PB&Js are made on Wonder bread.

Anyway, if you want to be a true artisan, you'll buck all those fancy bread machines and go with a "bread" pot of enamel cooked steel. Pssst. We'll let ya in on a little secret. You can also use it for other things like soup. We know. Mind. Blown.

But even with a so-not-fancy-it's-fancy pot, no one is going to expect you to just know how to make bread. In fact, it's cooler if you don't for some reason. So that's why we went and threw in a cookbook, cheat sheet, a bunch of tools you probably don't already have and enough ingredients for three loaves of your very own "artisan" bread.