Authentic 100% Cotton Chefs Jacket from Ecuador

by Wootbot

Confidentially Speaking

Want some new rules? Put on this jacket.

There’s something about a chef, even a bad one, that people can’t help but respect. If you miss your bus, and start yelling in the middle of the street, people will look down on you. But do the same thing in a Authentic 100% Cotton Chefs Jacket from Ecuador, people will cut you some slack.

“What passion!” they’ll say. “I bet it comes through in the cooking!” And maybe they’re wrong and maybe they’re right, but at least you don’t have to deal with the cops.

An Authentic 100% Cotton Chefs Jacket from Ecuador is a license to be a little more free. Stand in an alley, and you’re not loitering, you’re on break! Run into a grocery store and cut the line, people will roll their eyes but say nothing, assuming you just ran out of ingredients and are already embarrassed enough. Why, show off these Tagua nut buttons and the double breast design, you might even get away with running some red lights! “I’m sorry, officer, I couldn’t wait, the head chef will be FURIOUS if I don’t get this spinach back to the kitchen!”

Look, everyone knows chefs are completely insane. That’s part of why we love them. Why can’t you make that image work for you? Get a Authentic 100% Cotton Chefs Jacket from Ecuador and you’ll be the one getting the grudging respect, not them.

Also, it’s useful in the kitchen.


Authentic 100% Cotton Chefs Jacket from Ecuador

  • 100% cotton chef jackets in natural unbleached cloth and in bleached cloth
  • Made to order in Ecuador at a family company Textiles Nacionales
  • The buttons are made with the Tagua nut which is native to the Ecuadorian Amazon
  • The cloth has been treated to be stain resistant and wrinkle free or multiple uses; this does not mean that coats will never wrinkle or stain it just means that they are made and treated to take a beating
  • Machine washable and dryable
  •  The coats are modeled after standard issue chef's jackets complete with the double breast, cuffs, collar and pen holder

In the box:

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