August Ridge Paso Robles Sangiovese (4)

by wootbot

Caesar While You Can

This most August Sangiovese. We think you'll find it inspiring. In all things. Even the weird ones.

You have a friend (we all do) who can do no wrong. He or she glides through life bringing what, to other men and women, would appear as disaster. And yet for your friend, it's all perfect! People admire him or her, even when they're passed out after drinking thirty pitchers of sangria and breaking a pool cue over a nun.

To that friend, we dedicate the August Ridge Paso Robles Sangiovese. For is "august" not the best description for a person who is worth of admiration? Is "august" not the word for someone majestic enough to say "Let's get a taco" in a way that makes you believe you're having a four-course meal with the President of the Universe? Is "august" not the word for a human being who can leap from the balcony into a golf cart that they actually convinced you to steal?

So be aware. This August Ridge Paso Robles Sangiovese will go with fancy pasta and intelligently chosen cheese, but it'll also turn pizza night into an extravagant event. It'll fit in well with a simple balcony party, but also overflow into an explosive bacchanal that somehow ends with the ocean on fire. The August Ridge Paso Robles Sangiovese is worthy of your admiration, even if you're not entirely sure how and why.

If nothing else, it's probably worth keeping it around in case trouble arises. One never knows when knowing the right "august" persona will come in handy.