Attila Hard Apple Cider Case of 12

by wootbot

Acuppa Attila

Cider, like comedy, equals tragedy plus time.

Attila was a bad dude. Not in the sense that he, like, strutted around in a cool hat and wore sunglasses indoors. More in the sense that he burned villages, and massacred innocents, and tortured enemies, you get the idea. Go look it up if you need more details and you have a strong stomach.

But hey, that was all, like, 1,600 years ago. The man himself is as dead as any of his victims, and only his mythic reputation lives on. So raise a glass of this measured, reasonable three-apple blend to the great leveler that felled the most unreasonable Attila: time itself, whose march is surer and more devastating than even the most fearsome Hun horde