Atlas Peak Mixed Red (2)

by wootbot

Take A Peak

Upon first peek, this is a Peak worth further exploring.

We don't know how frequently or how closely you check Wine.Woot, but if you're the type who only takes a peek, maybe before bed or when you get up in the morning, your peek is about to go rewarded ... with a peak.

That's right. We're peaking right back at you by offering this Atlas Peak Mixed Red wine. A peak for a peek, you might say.

If you only peeked at this wine, you might not have noticed the features, but you'll be getting two wines: a 2007 Atlas Peak Merlot and a 2007 Atlas Peak Cabernet Franc. The Merlot has flavors of cherry and raspberry and undertones of cedar and vanilla oak. Meanwhile, the Cabernet Franc has flavors of blackberry and fruit jam along with decadently supple tannins.

There you go. Aren't you glad you peeked?