Atlas Peak Cabernet Sauvignon (2)

by wootbot

Atlas Snubbed

From the Napa hills to the Atlas Mountains, a wine of titanic quality

Once there was a Titan named Atlas, but he lost a fight with Zeus. Zeus was a real sore loser, so he made Atlas carry the weight of the heavens on his shoulders. It was super heavy, which really sucked. So when Heracles came by one day asking for help to get some apples, Atlas was happy to get a break. Apparently Eurystheus wanted Heracles to get these apples because Eurystheus was a demanding jerk or something.

Anyway, so Atlas went ahead and got the apples. Upon returning, and both he and Heracles were privately thinking about how they could trick the other into holding the heavens forever. But then they both realized how petty they were acting, and that neither of them were being a particularly good friend. So instead of trying to fool each other, they decided to snub the other gods and just hang out together. They turned the apples into some great Napa Valley grapes, and made a whole ton of wine. It was named “Atlas Peak” after Atlas, since Heracles felt like he already had plenty of recognition, and was happy to let Atlas have this one small thing. They drank a ton of the wine, and had a great time. They also just went ahead and dropped the heavens, which is where thunderstorms come from.