Atlas Peak Cabernet (3) with Gift Box

by wootbot

Atlas Chugged

Sure, you COULD buy this Cabernet Sauvignon with Gift Box for someone else ... or you could explore your selfish nature, and give a gift to YOU for a change.

Are you not entitled to the fruits of your labors? And is not the best way to consume fruits by smashing it into wine? And what better way to carry that stylish fruit liquid than in a lovely gift box?

As you scale the peak of life, it will do you well to look back on your achievements and laugh at those who came up short. Drink from one of these three different Cabernet Sauvignons and enjoy the gift you've given yourself! You deserve the deep flavors of cherry and berry, the warm mouthfeel, the way the wine perfectly suits the steak and potatoes you earned by crushing others with your bare, train-building hands!

Or what about a gift for another? Sometimes, a nice Gift Box is the difference between the deal going to you or the deal going to some other, less-suitable altruist. A three-pack of wine in a box like this says "Yes, I'll turn on you should it suit me- but not today, my brother! Not today!" That's the kind of statement a businessman expects. That's the kind of statement a businessman can deal with.

Ultimately, though, the Atlas Peak Mountain Series does one thing and one thing only: it benefits you. Be it through a smooth mouthfeel in an evening's reflection, be it as part of a delicious dinner that someone else is paying for, or be it as a present for someone you love as much as a person of your drive is able, this is a three-pack that will never stop giving.

Like a sucker.