Artisanal Sausages and Pancetta (5)

by wootbot

Partake of My French

"Aux Délices des Bois" means "Oh, delicious, boy!" Or so we're guessing.

Frankly, our mouths are too stuffed full of delicious artisanal sausage to pronounce those difficult French words. We'll let Aux Délices des Bois' spicy, sweet Fennel Sausage do the talking. Or maybe their palate-pleasuring Sopressata, in both regular and hot varieties. Their robust, smoky Chorizo might have a thing or two to add to the conversation, too.

Then there's the Herbs Pancetta, a Provençal-style pork belly rolled in bay leaves & rosemary. That kind of flavor just never shuts up. We're not troubled that we can't pronounce Aux Délices des Bois, or that we don't know what it means - as long as we can still eat it.