Ardente Estate Winery Library Cab (3)

by wootbot

Game On!

But Library Cab could've been so great!

Oh sure, just as I'm getting ready to launch my new game show - Library Cab - Wine.Woot puts up this Ardente Estate Winery Library Cab sale. Ugh!

It was going to be awesome. First, the contestant would get into the cab and lights would go off. When the contestant totally freaked out with excitement he or she would be shushed by the driver, a professional librarian. The rest of the drive is then spent in silence as the passenger researched the topic of his or her choosing. The silence would only be broken for polite questions about database-searching techniques. Also, the cab would've been the size of bus to hold all the books and computers.

But now, with this 3-pack of from Ardente Estate Winery, everyone's gonna be all confused. It'll be like, "Are you talking about the show or the sampler of award-winning wines?"

Thanks, Wine.Woot... for RUINING MY LIFE!