Arcadian Vineyard Designate Syrah (2)

by wootbot

Let's Wine It On

With all of the untapped potential in the "sexy wine" market, we've decided to take our wine-selling in a new direction.

Maybe you've noticed our Phat Goose sale in the Woot Plus section of Wine.Woot. Seeing Fat Gus every day has surely stimulated your lust for wine. It's also made us realize something: there's a lot of sexy wine out there.

The Arcadian Vineyard 2006 Stolpman Syrah, for example, is oozing with sexy flavors. Described as "Fleshy and smooth, with sweet red and dark berry flavors and gentle tannins," this wine is perfect for special occasions -- awwww, yeah. It's even got a "building note of sexy, sweet oak spices." Need we say more?

Then there's the 2006 Purisima Syrah, full of erotic scents of violet, boysenberry, olive tapenade, and hot, hot, HOT cracked pepper. It also includes red and dark berry flavors and notes of olive, floral pastille and sultry, peppery spices.

See what we mean! These wines are downright sexy.