Anaba Wines Chardonnay Sampler (4)

by wootbot

Anaba Misunderstanding

"Cahn I haf anaba?"

"Sure buddy, we've got two Anaba chardonnays. Would you prefer the Wente Clone?"


"They're both Sonoma Valley Chardonnays, but the Wente Clone is a little deeper and more complex, while the other is crisp and refreshing." 

"Naw naw. I juss wann anaba beew."

"I'm not sure if Anaba has a wine named 'Beew.'"

"Naw! Beeeew! Beeeewr."


"Yeb. Anaba beew, pwease."

"Anaba doesn't make beer. It's a winery!"

"I don wan wine. I wan anaba beew."

"And I'm telling you Anaba doesn't brew beer, friend!"

"I hab a dendiss appoinmem."


"A dendiss. He pewed my teef. He gabe me novogain."

"A tendril poured you heat and gave you no vacay? I wonder if you've had enough."


"What happened?"

"I hewt my taith."

"Oh, so you want a mai tai now? You got it."