Alderbrook Dry Creek Valley Port (3)

by wootbot


When buying this Zinfandel Port, be sure to know the difference between this port and all the other ports. Like, say, the ports where pirate ships might be found.



Cap'n, it been six long years since ye keelhauled the old Cap'n and seized control of the good ship Wandering Jenny. And… well, we wanted to let ye know. Your loyal crew finally found ye a port.


Aye, Cap'n. Here, take this spyglass and look over there.

Aw, did ye lubbers get me a… oh. Oh, I see.

Um… yes, Cap'n. A nice, lovely island where we can finally stop our wandering.

Yes. Indeed. sigh Make the preparations.

All we have to do is sail in a few… Cap'n, beggin' pardon, but I have to ask… isn't this what you wanted?

Ah, Bloody Ron Eyepatch, my most loyal man. Ye're the belaying pin that holds down me sail. I'd never break yer heart. But…

What is it, Cap'n?

Ah, it's just that… well, the port I was after was a Zinfandel Port, not a ship port.

Oh. Oh, aye, that maybe makes sense.

I always knew how to make my way back to land, after all.

Aye, because of that enchanted map. Now that I think about it, you were always talking about hints of dark chocolate and fruit flavors like boysenberry and blackberry.

It's been a flounder's age since I had a nice three pack of Zinfandel Port.

Gee, Cap'n, I'm sorry. I meant to do something nice.

Ah, think nothin' of it, Bloody Ron. Ye heart was in the right place.

Say, Cap'n, hand me that spyglass.

Yarrr, here it be. What is that there, a bank? A gold train? A jewelry store?

No! It's Alderbrook Winery! Man the cannons, boys! We're gonna get our Cap'n the right port after all! A 3-Pack of Zinfandel Port! AVAST YE!