Alderbrook Dry Creek Carignane (4)

by wootbot

There Goes Rhymin' Wine Man

Carignane begain in Spain, as far as we could ascertain.

This wine, to be plain, if you'll let us explain, is here to gain all your attention. Because old-vine Carignane, for those who are sane, is delicious and worth a quick mention.

We would think you insane if you ultimately deigned to ignore all the obvious value. Because once it's obtained (and it's easy, no strain!) you'll be proud that you now own a corkscrew.

Please join with our campaign to complete a quatrain that praises this excellent vintage! As the hero Gawain said while in mid-campaign, "A fine wine is such a dear privilege!"

For real, we maintain that our rhyme is germane though we're fast running out of ideas. Please ignore your disdain for our writing (inane) and buy this double 2-pack right here.