Agent for Change Tempranillo (4)

by wootbot

The Wine Biz

Eh, yo! Do you know who I am? I'm the Agent for Change Tempranillo!

Now listen here. I may look like a wine bottle to you, but I'm not just some ordinary run of the mill dinner drink here. I just want to get that straight. I'm the one and only bonafide Agent for Change Tempranillo, singer/songwriter/actor.

Change is a busy man, and someone's gotta work for him. I get him gigs, and I land him roles in his movies. Don't ignore me just because of my bright cherryish fruit cocoa aromas and flavors. That's not all I am. I'm also a wheeling dealing Hollywood agent (actually, I'm from Santa Barbara County, but that's a small detail).

So, you say you want to talk to THE Change Tempranillo? Then you're gonna have to talk to me first.