1000 Faces Coffee Spring Sampler (4)

by wootbot

Share the Wealth

Believe me. The last thing you want to do is come between a groggy mob and their caffeine.

When you open a bag of 1000 Faces coffee, suddenly 1,000 expectant faces will appear at your front door. Their eyes will light up at the aromas of dark berry flavors with a vanilla-cream body. The corners of their lips will curl up with the mere mention of wild cherry and ginger snaps.

Then when you discover that your coffee maker is broken, 1,000 expectant faces will suddenly fall, and 1,000 disappointed faces will be staring back at you, pouty lips quivering. But then you'll say, "It's OK! I'll borrow the neighbor's machine!" and 1,000 disappointed faces will alight once again into 1,000 exuberant faces.

But then you'll realize that you only have four 12-ounce sample packs. You'll say, "That's not nearly enough for all 1,000 of you," and those 1,000 exuberant faces will suddenly darken into 1,000 of the grumpiest faces you've ever seen.

Terrified that their thirst for deep earth, chocolate and peppery meatiness will transform those 1,000 grumpy faces into 1,000 angry mob faces, you quickly order a few more sample packs from Wine.Woot. Better safe than sorry, right?