Thursday, June 21

Summertime And The Shipping Isn’t Easy

by Jason Toon

Here’s something that won’t surprise you: we think wine.woot’s vineyard-to-carrier-to-you approach is the best wine-delivery methodology in the industry today. In terms of both economics and the treatment of wine, it’s certainly preferable to piling the kids into the le Baron for a trip to the liquor store. You don’t know where that stuff’s been.

But now it’s summertime, and we’ve been getting a lot of understandable inquiries into how exactly we’re going to keep your wine from boiling in the truck before it gets to you. First, by charging you an extra two bucks for shipping beginning next week and running through mid-September. What special treatment will your wine get for your $7? Depends on where you live, like so:

For residents of eastern states (specifically FL, SC, NC, VA, WV, OH, MI, CT, VT, NH, NY), we’ve implemented a process that consolidates all the wine orders onto a refrigerated truck, shoving off once a week. This rolling icebox will pass the orders off to a small-parcel carrier near you. Another day or two after that, your wine will be in your hand, wine rack, or belly.

We’ll be keeping an eye on the weather in central U.S. states (that’d be NM, TX, ND, LA, MO, IA, MN, WI, IL, NE, CO, WY), and shipping via 2-day air upgraded service if we’re worried about the heat. And we won’t send anything out to these states on Thursdays or Fridays, so it won’t be sitting on a truck or plane over the weekend.

Since the majority of our wine comes from the West Coast, orders to those states (CA, WA, OR, ID, NV) don’t need quite as much attention. But we’ll still avoid shipping on Thursdays and Fridays.

If you live in one of those pesky non-reciprocal states like MA, NJ, IN, AZ (when available), you’ll be glad to know that your wine stays in a temperature-controlled environment until the very last step of the “tediously long” delivery process. Your wine should have no exposure problems.

And, of course, a disturbingly large number of states still don’t allow incoming wine shipments (AL, KY, MS, AR, SD, MT ,UT, GA, PA, MD, DE, ME, KS, TN, RI). If you live in one of these states, why are you even reading this? You’re only torturing yourself. Call the legislative killjoys in your state capital and/or hook up with, the grape gripe group.

One more thing: do not be alarmed if you find a thing that looks like a overgrown ketchup packet in your order. It’s a super-scientific freezer-gel pod that we threw in there to reduce the ambient temperature in the package. It won’t be frozen by the time it reaches you, but it will have performed its duty honorably. Freeze and re-use if you’re one of those people who lived through the depression and never throw away your Ziploc bags or your twist-ties. We wouldn’t put it in our iced tea if we were you, though.

Obviously, nobody likes paying more, but we think an extra two bucks is a small price to pay to ensure a summer of spoilage-free wine fun. Now let’s drink again, like we did last summer!

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Monday, December 04

Monkey Prize Wine Video: We Oughtn't Be In Pictures

by Jason Toon

Today marks the debut of Monkey Prize, the second wine offering from Woot Cellars, available immediately at Wine.Woot - but that's not all. It's also the official public unveiling of my new face after a grueling course of Botox injections. Yeah, thanks for noticing! Oh, and we made our first-ever Woot video to honor our new Cabernet-Sangiovese blend. It's a revealing look behind the wine curtain, a heartwarming holiday fable about the hope in the heart of a child, a cautionary glimpse into the very maw of Perdition itself. It goes a little something like this:

If you really want to annoy your lover, cousin, bandmate, attorney, or pastor, be sure to send him or her a link to this page. And by all means, let us know what you think of the video in the comments section below - maybe we can be stopped while there's still time.

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Tuesday, October 10

Spill A Little Wine On Someone You Love: Give The Gift Of Wine.Woot

by Jason Toon

Friends, Romans, countrymen! Back in the day, wine was the default friend-to-friend gift. Invited over to Caesar’s pad for some salad? You’d better believe Brutus brought his best vino. With our new gifting program, now you can give the gift of Wine.Woot culture to your all your low-brow friends. After all, Mother-in-Law’s Day is just around the corner (October 22), and nothing says “I spent a lot of money to show you I’m worthy of marrying your child” like a gift of premium wine from Wine.Woot.

Just click the “I Want One” button as per usual, and make sure to check the box under “Is this a gift?” on the shipping page. Then tell us where you want your shipment of wine to go and what message you want on the enclosed card, and complete your order. We’ll take it from there. And if you want to send another gift to another address, just go back to the front page, click “I Want One” again, and start the process over. Along with their gifts, each lucky recipient will, er, receive a lavishly-illustrated gift card with your message, and a deluxe shipping container (a.k.a. a brown cardboard box). And it won’t cost you a damn denarius more than any other wine order. As surprises go, it sure beats a knife in the back, eh, Brute?

Keep in mind that gifts are subject to the same shipping restrictions as all Wine.Woot orders. The recipient must be sober and over 21 at the time of delivery. Shipments to certain states will take a very long time, while we cannot ship at all to others. Which states? Check the list on the front page.We also have to email the recipient to let them know the gift is on the way, so don’t kill us for letting out your secret.

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Monday, October 09

Introducing Wine.Woot: Out Of Beta And Down Your Throat

by Jason Toon

You’re here, so we realize you’re probably already aware of the quiet, down-low existence of We’d been calling this site “beta” while we tried to iron out any bugs and decide if we were thinking clearly when we came up with the idea. Well, consider the bugs squished and our sanity confirmed, because we’re ready to make an honest web site out of it.

Last week, Wine.Woot made its official, non-beta debut, and now we’re back with another annoyingly-random weekly offering of premium, artisan-crafted wine. To celebrate, FREE SHIPPING is available for existing Woot members on all orders this week! Just enter the following coupon code when you’re placing your order.

Coupon Code: BONVOYAGE

If you’ve got a Woot account, you’re already a member of Wine.Woot – just use the same username and password here. You’ll find the same familiar, friendly forums over here, to discuss the week’s wine sale. We’re usually joined by someone from the winery, so you can go right to the source with any questions. And to celebrate the launch, we’ve instituted a new gifting program. We’ll send wine anywhere we can (a few states don’t allow wine shipments) to anyone you want (as long as they’re over 21), along with a gift card. We also have to email the recipient to let them know the gift is on the way, so don’t kill us for letting out your secret. More gifting info is available on the front page. Welcome to the family, Wine.Woot! Long may you flow!

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