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Poll: If you could choose a Wine.Woot spin-off, what would it be?
  • 53% - Beer.Woot 394
  • 23.3% - Cheese.Woot 173
  • 9.1% - Cocktails.Woot 68
  • 10.1% - RedWine.Woot and WhiteWine.Woot 75
  • 1.5% - Merlot.Woot 11
  • 3.1% - Other (specify in the comments) 23
744 votes

Well, how do you fare compared to the Zeitgeist? Chat up your fellow wooters and let us know how lame this poll was or what obvious choices we missed. For example: Was this poll a) STUPID, b) DUMB, c) POINTLESS or d) ALL OF THE ABOVE?


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Feisty, sweetish, fruity - i like Moscato ( Pink) , Blush ( but not the sickly ones) , some Rose's and even some higher dollar WHite ZinsS ( blush) - all cold, of course.

Now i like certain "sweeter" whites served really cold - Moscato, and more i can't spell ATM (LOL)!. but NOT the cloying German ones!

Now there ARE some reds i like IF they are served at real "cellar" temperature and NOT TX temp ( 70 +++ ) - ( Please excuse my spelling!): Pinot Noirs, Malbecs, Merlots, - see what happens when your wine loses it's chill!?
i almost choked to death!...

Well, happy quaffing, and if you come across
anything you think i might like ( i try to stay under the $15 range if i'm drinking a whole bottle myself!) - Now if we are going out to a nice meal - that limit is VERY flexible ;)!





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or if you don't want to be that specific



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+1 on the sake.woot

El Dano

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How about generic booze.woot? It's got a nice ring to it, and you can sell all of your home beer kits there.


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I think it would have to be hardcoredrunkswoot. Nice bottles of Vodka, Whiskey, etc. for nice prices.


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Though I would be poor quickly. I like the idea of splitting and making a redwine.woot and white.woot though. Offers every other day, which would make the labrat program feasible again.

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I was torn between beer.woot and redwine/whitewine.woot as I love beer and have no interest in white wines.

The other idea is a gourmet.woot like lot18.com has a gourmet section. It could have meat, cheese, cookware and such.

Another idea is to integrate beer onto wine.woot as a weekly special. Beer Thursday or something.

I think in the end people are sometimees unrealistic with wine.woot in expecting something they are interested in every day. After a few purchases I'm usually glad to see something I have no interest in so I can easily say no that day.


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I would love to have a beer.woot. However, I realize that with the exception of a few very expensive craft beers (which I won't drink on principle, and plus I'm too cheap) the shipping would make it a no go.

So, how about liquor.woot, or booze.woot? There are plenty of different types (bourbons, scotches, tequilas, rums) and varieties, so an offering a day could work. And the value to weight and volume works, so the shipping costs would not be prohibitive. So how about it?


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Keep Wine W for us alcoholics. OOPS!
I mean connoissuers of the grape.


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Gourmetfood.woot would be appealing. Specialty foods, regional foods, imported foods, that sort of thing. There could be theme weeks, like a Florida week (key lime this, fresh citrus that). Or a Chocolate week, featuring chocolate treats made in different parts of the country each day. Mediterranean week could feature a host of olives, spices, etc.


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Cheese hands down. But I live in Wisconsin, so everything revolves around cheese.


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Bourbon, rye, scotch, Irish, Canadian; there is something for everybody.


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mchls45 wrote:FoodWoot
Keep Wine W for us alcoholics. OOPS!
I mean connoissuers of the grape.

Grapes are food!

I'm just hanging out, really.


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I voted for Red Wine/White wine only because I rarely buy white wine. Having said that there are many fine wine drinkers who have an interest in knowing how a fine Scotch or Bourbon is made. Given the attention and time given to this process it would fit in well with the wine.woot approach of reviews and comments. Volume would be lower but hopefully you can make it up in margin. So I would second the Liquor.Woot or Whiskey.woot.

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No more woots, please. My bank account couldn't handle it.

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How on earth did I get 11 QPs?


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let's take this to another level and do a port.woot

/mmm. port.
//mmm. alcoholism.

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I Would have to go with Gourmet.Woot


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Vacations.woot.com, could include all the gatherings!



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Three WineDavid and staff curated woots a day!

wine.woot becomes de facto red wine woot (w/o actually naming it that)

another wine platform (let's call it winewootplus for now. though the clever Woot writers will come up with something better)...
featuring on a rotating basis, white wines, sparkling wines, ice wine, saki, before and after dinner wines, etc.

a food platform that features cheese, sweets, spreads, oils and vinegar,coffee, etc.....plus wine and food related gadgets and serving items...I think I'd call it foodie.woot rather than gourmet.woot....

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spirits.woot or liquor.woot


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Champagne Woot

Patty Nealley


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shut up and take my money!


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Clayton4384 wrote:I Would have to go with Gourmet.Woot

Me too.


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I like the idea of a food related woot, but not necessarily a whole woot site for food by itself. Lot18 and Gilt have these items already and most items are way too expensive, at least for my wallet. Knowing the general price bracket for wine woot spenders, I think expensive food items will be beyond most budgets. Thursdays have been the non-wine day, so just have more food items on Thursdays. The olive oils, cheeses, balsamic, etc. have been very well researched and sold. I'm not really into staves or napkins, etc. which often appear then.


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Another vote for cigar.woot, please!


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I'm a beer snob.. but for some odd reason, I don't want my beer delivered via Fedex or UPS


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You could even split it into DarkChocolate.com and WimpyChocolate.com


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It could encompass the non-wine items that currently are sold on wine.woot, plus other gourmet woot items like the cedar grilling planks or Todd's Dirt spices. Hardware for cooking should stay on home.woot.

Thanks to up-to-the-minute tracking, I don't track my package so much as stalk it.


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is there a high enough markup in the beer market to have a beer.woot?

Sorry I am not too knowledgeable about my beers

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Different specialties while maintaining the current pricing. I would especially like to see Escargot offered. Wine and escargot and cheese, what a wonderful combination. I find WOOT to be a treat and want to thank those responsible. You all make many of us very happy.


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+2 on sake.woot!!


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