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Copa Del Rey 2009 Chilean Chardonnay - 6 Pack

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Copa Del Rey 2009 Chilean Chardonnay - 6 Pack
$49.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 6 Copa del Rey 2009 Rapel Valley Chardonnay
CT link above

Winery website

Pevious offers:
2/4/11 (2008)

-il Cesare
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Are these any good? I love some yummy Chardonnay and they are always (at least it seems) few and far between!


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Do the numbers for brix at harvest seem a tad high?

I like to talk about wine, but I'd rather drink it.


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Does this one have any RS? The last one said "dry" but the super secret info sheets said the last one had 5.5g/L which is very subtle.


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lassow wrote:Do the numbers for brix at harvest seem a tad high?

Relative to what?


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Wow, did all the regulars take the same night off?

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ThunderThighs wrote:Wow, did all the regulars take the same night off?

Big storm in the Northeast, maybe people are too busy spending all their time on weather.com


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they were all watching the game.
copa is an auto buy for me. Pleasant everyday wine that i enjoy with my meals, and can cook with if i choose.

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I personally love Hahn's stuff and really enjoyed the Copa Chard (2008?) the last time it was offered. Nice Chilean Chard..plenty of tropical fruit, little bit of butter. Although its very approachable, its more than just a summer quaffer and has just enough backbone to stand up to food. In for two.

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Interesting deal, hopefully there will be some lab rat reports.


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lassow wrote:Do the numbers for brix at harvest seem a tad high?

Not for a Chilean or Argentine wine. They grow them sweet there and their wine has some nice punch to it.


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LAB RAT report:

I am NOT a lover of Chardonnay. I am a total lover of wine and order regularly from woot, lot 18 and Invino because I rarely have time to get to an actual store (scary but true).

When I order wine delivered, it's usually more than one bottle at a time, so imagine my surprise when Fed Ex drove up with a SINGLE bottle. I was once given a single bottle, but it's stashed in my cellar. This had to be something I either forgot about or (god forbid) was being gifted.

Imagine my FURTHER surprise when I opened it to find a bottle of Chardonnay (oh dear.) and a GOLDEN TICKET. WOO! PUMPKINS! I thought I'd won the lottery. Mind you, I never win anything, other than more cases appointed by Judges. NEVER.

Suddenly Chardonnay was looking pretty fabulous. And, I think you'll find THIS Chardonnay lovely. For a non Chardonnay drinker, that's a huge compliment. I almost called my Chardonnay expert girlfriend to get HER to drink it and write the review, but she's busy. And I live in the country a million miles from her, so here goes:

The wine looks light blonde colored, crystal clear and welcoming, with medium to fast legs and an aroma of oak, pineapple and a little mineral.

It tastes like very mild butter, clearly some but not overwhelming, followed by apricot, and melon with some slight citrus.

It has a medium, creamy and smooth body, a bright texture and finishes long. The finish is lightly oaky with that touch of butter and very fine slight citrus taste.

Really quite delightful and would probably pair well with various cheeses, chicken dishes and even some spicy foods.

I apologize for posting this a little late, but we were at a wine tasting last night (which included a famous Chardonnay that is not, imho, as good as this one, although the Sancerre was tough competition).


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My wife is a chard drinker and now that I've got her hooked on Woot, she sees the wine woot offerings each day and always wants to know where the chard is? Apparently it is unfair that i get to buy all these great red wines (at a great price). So, thanks Wine Woot, my wife is now happy and should permit my purchase of at least another of your 5 red offerings.

The link to the 2008 offering was very helpful - thanks!

In for 1, and a happy wooting household!

Edit: and the lab rat report now makes me think I should have got a case. Great report.


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luckieboi711 wrote:Are these any good? I love some yummy Chardonnay and they are always (at least it seems) few and far between!

Bought the red...didn't like it at all


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michaelvella wrote:Relative to what?

Relative to other wines with grapes harvested in the 24 brix range.

I like to talk about wine, but I'd rather drink it.


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sqrtofneg1 wrote:Not for a Chilean or Argentine wine. They grow them sweet there and their wine has some nice punch to it.

Thanks for the info. We have enjoyed most of the wine from down south so far.

I like to talk about wine, but I'd rather drink it.


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I'm not a huge fan of white wine but ordered this because of the price and comments last time around. What a pleasant surprise! I will actually sit down and have this wine at the end of the day. I don't know much about whites but this one isn't too dry. It tastes like citrus fruits mostly to me. Also, it's just as good the second day. I have used this chard to cook red snapper (baked in a pouch in the oven) and it was great! A must buy!


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in for one. wanted to try it since a wootoff a while ago where i missed it.


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LAB RAT report:

I will start this out by saying that I'm mostly a red-wine fan, leaning towards cabernet sauvignon and merlot, and I have far from a developed palette. Absolutely excited to be a lab rat. I am pretty sure my entire apartment hear me squeal

First try (unchilled, no food)

Appearance: a nice, creamy pale straw yellow. A little watery looking, but pleasantly so.

Smell: At first I am hit with an smell of freshly cut citrus, then pineapple. There's a lower note that reminds me of peaches. After sticking my nose in the wine a bit longer, I resolve there's some hints of butter in as well.

My husband, impatient, grabs my glass and takes one sip. I asked him what it tastes like. "15 bucks a bottle", he says. He surmises that it would be a good deal if it's on woot for 8-10 dollars a bottle.

I take my first sip. The front of the wine is sharp- it makes my molars hurt. Pleasant tropical notes in the midde, then there's a bitter taste after the first sip that reminds me of grapefruit pith. The final taste left in my mouth is butter.

I take a few more sips. No more tingly molars. Overall the wine feels too alcoholic at room temperature. I decide to bring up the wine site- 14.5% alcohol. There's a slight lingering vegetable taste in my mouth, almost like peas. (I tasted the wine again today, and I still stand by this!)

I decide it should be chilled.

MUCH better.

The mid-palette becomes much more pleasant. Some nice loud,bright notes of green apple and pineapple show up to round out the whole thing. Grassy notes at the finish, which softens into a lemon taste. Pretty long finish.

We don't buy white wine very often because we rarely find opportunity to drink it, but I would think that this is good QPR.


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When I returned from a business trip on Thursday afternoon, amongst the pile of waiting mail, was a small "wine" package from FedEx. I had just placed a wine woot order over the previous weekend, but it wasn't for just one bottle, so I was somewhat alarmed. Did the order size get screwed up? I started to open the box, concerned that I was about to enter the customer service bureaucracy, when suddenly I spied the golden ticket from WineDavid39.

Lab rat! How cool is that?
(Don't need that bureaucrat.)

Copa Del Rey 2009 Chardonnay. I wasn't familiar with it, but since cocktail hour wasn't too far off, into the fridge it went. About an hour and a half later I screwed off the cap and poured two glasses. First impressions:

The color was pale yellow / straw, and had good clarity. Looks a bit on the lighter side within the spectrum of Chardonnays that have crossed my path.

On the nose I was immediately stuck by the freshness of the fruit, hmm, tropical and lush, with a hint of tartness, not like an apple but more like lemon or lime. Uhm... pineapple? Yeah, I'll go with pineapple. On further reflection I noted that I didn't note any oak.

Took a sip, and on the palate I found the oak. This is a full-bodied wine and the tropical fruit manifests more in a sweet-syrup sort of way (vs. the freshness on the nose.) There's also a buttery fatiness that is full and rounding in the mouth. Very drinkable.

The finish is dry, but it lasted with a touch of bitterness for me. I wouldn't say it was unpleasant, and was easily defeated by another drink. My wife didn't notice it.

Overall it was a very nice diversion from my regular bourbon on the rocks and my wife's regular glass of red.

We poured ourselves another glass to have with dinner: leftover summer turkey chili. I wasn't sure how well the Copa Del Rey would pair, but with the dominant ingredients of turkey, rice, corn and black beans I figured we be OK. Well yeah, it was OK. I think the starchiness of the rice kind of subdued the wine and left the whole pairing bland. So I suped up the chili with some sour cream and salsa verde. That made the chili infinitely better, and the wine pairing somewhat better. I was afraid that the acidity in the verde would kill the chardonnay, but it attacked the starchy rice and allowed the wine to re-emerge. In summary, not exactly a harmonious food pairing, but a fun exercise nonetheless.

Day 2.
The next morning we packed up the car for a long weekend away with the kids, and my wife had the foresight to bring the open bottle. After our first day of activities, we retired to the hotel, popped the Copa in the fridge, and went swimming with the kids. We returned to the room at cocktail hour and coaxed one more glass for each of us out of the bottle.

The wonderful aroma was not as evident as day one, but the wine was also colder, so maybe it was a temperature thing. The wine went down easy and that slight bitter aftertaste I was complaining about on day one was nowhere to be found. After a couple of hours in a warm humid pool room, the Copa was perfectly refreshing.

In summary, this is a good everyday wine, for when you want to drink the wine (as opposed to talking and bragging about the wine.) Before this offer came up I was thinking this felt like a $10 chardonnay, so in my opinion the $50 six-pack is a nice value.

Thanks to Woot for the Lab Rat opportunity, and happy drinking to all!


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Glad to see Maryland listed. This is my first of what I hope to be many purchases from wine.woot.

Chars are the only whites we drink and mostly in the summer so this is a little different for us. But couldn't pass up the price.


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Way to read my mind Wine.Woot! I was looking for a good Chard. for Thanksgiving dinner. In for 1!