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You're walking along a serene beach, the wind in your hair and the gentle salt of the sea in your nostrils.

Suddenly, a colossal, inhuman shape bursts from the water in an explosion of glitter and angel songs. It's the windigo of flavorsome bliss! It bounds from the sea, gnarled claws drawn, leaving behind a stream of kaleidoscopic balloons and luminous doves as it falls upon you. It stabs you in the face-hole with Chocolate Shop Red Wine!

The world erupts into undulating chocolate tides. A great, hulking kraken from the nethermost depths of candied sweetness squeezes you with its massive taste-tacles as a chorus of ravenous penguins scream Viking anthems while circling you both like the orbit of dazzling alien moons. Your lungs explode with elation. Your stomach harpoons your heart and elopes with your sense of whimsy.

The immense pressure crushes your eyes and you are dragged, endlessly, blissfully into the cocoa-dark, velvety depths, lost in the lusciousness. Lost ... lost ... lost.

On the beach, the gentle salt air takes no notice of the smoldering crater where you once stood, and the lapping of waves echoes like baleful pleasure.

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Chocolate Shop Red Wine (6)

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Chocolate Shop Red Wine (6)
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