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Poultry in motion.

Bonjour to you. I am Couche zee Coquerel. I hope you enjoy zee Verdelho zat is being offered on zees day. Eat it with leetle shrimps. Eat lots of zee shrimps. I detest zee shrimps. They are egomaniacs, all of zem. Compensating for zee tiny size, you see.

Did you know French roosters do not say “cock-a-doodle-do?” No! It is a silly zing to say. In France, we say, “cocorico!” We never doodle.

Of course, if I were a Spanish coque, I would say, “Quiquiriquí­!” And zee Italian coques, they say, “chicchirichí!” Again, we do not do zee doodling.

Zee shrimps say nothing, for zee shrimps are, how you say, zee bags of dirt. Pitooee. I spit upon zem.

I zink we’ve covered a lot here. I hope zis was a gratifying experience. Santé.

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Coquerel Wines Verdelho (6)

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Coquerel Wines Verdelho (6)
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