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If you're like us, your life is chaos. But at least your wine will be balanced.

Look, we don’t want to judge or get too personal here, it’s just that this “totally random” thing you have going, well it’s not so much “devil may care rogue” as it is “chaotic maelstrom of drama.” And people like to avoid that sort of thing as much as possible. Might we suggest some small steps toward improving your reputation?

Like maybe this Wine Stave Bottle Balancer. It’s not a heck of a lot; you don’t have to worry about throwing your life upside down or anything, but it’ll balance a bottle just fine. And that’s form and function, pal. People will look at it and say, “Hey, this person might not be perfect, but they’ve got a couple things figured out, at least.

And really, that’s all any of us can hope for in this day and age.

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Wine Stave Bottle Balancer

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Wine Stave Bottle Balancer
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