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Prohibition? That's zinsane.

When our country decides something, we go after it 110%. Take, for example, Prohibition. Pretty much a horrible idea, but our country just jumped on that, right? And then, ten minutes after it passed, we all jumped on the idea that the speakeasy was pretty cool, and that’s how we got gangsters, and the Roaring Twenties, and the Kennedy family, and most Hollywood "actresses." And today, Prohibition is just something we kinda shake our heads at while drinking our wine.

For the nice folks at Meeks Hilltop Ranch, however, Prohibition is more than just a historical curiosity. The Meeks Hilltop Ranch is built on the site of a pre-Prohibition winery, and the placard’s still hanging above the old cellar door. It’s a winery that’s very much a part of today, but also knows how to look back at the past. That kind of history just adds to each bottle in this 2009 Zinfandel four pack.

Blackberry fruit? Check. Hints of cherry and raspberry? Check. Smooth and full texture with flavors that echo the aroma? Check, check, check and check. You won’t need to wait for the long and smooth finish to make the call: this is a Zinfandel for sure. And one that respects history while refusing to rest on its laurels.

The Meeks Hilltop Ranch 2009 Zinfandel is what you get when you throw all your passions into winemaking. Maybe it’s this kind of taste that finally beat back the Eighteenth Amendment. Shame we lost those speakeasies, though. Who doesn’t love a secret door?

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Wellington Meeks Hilltop Ranch Zinfandel (4)

Wellington Meeks Hilltop Ranch Zinfandel (4)
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