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house of chards

This Long Valley Ranch Chardonnay is terrific. That you can count on. You know what else you can count on? The length of the aforementioned valley. Don’t get all “teehee,” here. That is not where we’re headed. We just genuinely want to recognized the length of the valley. Stop. Cut it out. This is - IT’S JUST A LONG VALLEY. It was, according to John Steinbeck, at least, a valley of such noteworthy length that the valley warranted acknowledgement of its longness. Some valleys are not long. Some are. This specific valley was especially long. WHY ARE YOU DRAGGING OUR VALLEY TALK INTO THE GUTTER? This is just poppycock. OH THERE YOU GO AGAIN.

We’re leaving.

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Long Valley Ranch Monterey Chardonnay (6)
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