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What do you do with a wine that winks at you? Drink it, of course!

Rick, did you see that?

"See what?"

That wine just winked at me.

"Andrea, honey, what're you talking about?"

Okay, so I was just sitting down to have some of this 2012 Perdoncelli Friends White Blend, and look, it's winking at me. Not just me! It's winking at you too!

"All I see is a bottle of wine. A normal bottle of wine."

It is a normal bottle of wine. But IT'S WINKING AT US.

"Wait! I see it! You're right. It IS winking at us!"

What do you think it's telling us?

"Probably to drink it."

That works for me.

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Pedroncelli Friends White Wine Blend (6)

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Pedroncelli Friends White Wine Blend (6)
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