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Rising sea levels? No problem – just replace the sea with wine.

I’m what you might call a “big picture” thinker. When I hear about a problem, I don’t worry about the hurdles standing in the way, but the possibilities available.

So when I heard that climatologists were worried about the ocean levels rising, I thought: “Those worrywarts.” Why not turn that problem into a possibility? For instance, let’s replace the world’s ocean water with Scott Harvey's awesome Mountain Selection Zin!

Do you see the possibilities? Instead of worrying about entire communities being destroyed by rising sea levels, we would welcome this flood as a Dionysian revel! Who ever complained about there being too much wine? Of course there’s going to be those people who focus on the negative aspects of this plan, like the death of all marine life, and the complete deterioration of the climate as we know it. But are we going to let those little problems stand in the way of our vision?

Please be quiet. I didn’t think audience participation was allowed during TED Talks. Will somebody escort that gentleman out? Ted? Are you out there? Ted, can you please remove that rude man? Has anybody seen Ted? I’ve never met him so I don’t know what he looks like. He just asked me to come give a talk. TED??! Ted, where are you??

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Scott Harvey Mountain Selection Zin (5)

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Scott Harvey Mountain Selection Zin (5)
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