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You must be ever-so-careful when you say this name.

Look, we all know the “power elite” doesn’t care about average joes like us. We all know that the congresspeople and senators the presidents and the kings and queens, they have their own things goin’ on. As far as they’re concerned, we’re just one more resource to exploit. But you gotta give it to them, they sure know how to live.

So when we heard that the Hunt Country Vidal Blanc Ice Wine has been served at the White House and the United Nations, we knew we had a winner. Let’s face it: The dark forces looking to crush our freedoms absolutely aren’t going to be drinking something that tastes bad. You don’t get a second chance with these people. Ask that couple who snuck into the White House that one time. You give these people bad wine, you’re o-u-t, out!

Now, give them something like this aforementioned Ice Wine and … well, that sort of thing, it opens doors. Just imagine waking up in the middle of the night to see a shadowed figure smoking at the end of your bed.

Dessert is a sign of good breeding, a sign that you always have more than you need. The Hunt Country Ice Wine forms a companion to that sign, and just owning these two bottles will lift you to another level. Up there, everybody knows their wines, and they're gonna want to know you. (In a good way. Probably.)

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Hunt Country Twin Vintage Ice Wine (2)
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