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"Duffy" is actually an adjective meaning "delicious." EX: "This wine is so very Duffy."

Who is Vaughn Duffy?

Vaughn Duffy is the world’s greatest lover.

Vaughn Duffy lives at the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

Vaughn Duffy is the only person on the planet who can eat only one pistachio.

Vaughn Duffy can communicate with woodland creatures.

Vaughn Duffy has a toilet made of uranium.

Vaughn Duffy has two houses … ON THE MOON.

Vaughn Duffy was originally slated to replace Carson, but the network had concerns about laughter-induced fatalities.

Vaughn Duffy invented lunch.

Vaughn Duffy sweats motor oil and bleeds cement.

Vaughn Duffy can detect 32 colors previously unknown to man.

Vaughn Duffy has 5 nipples that lactate money.

Vaughn Duffy can say the word “jamboree” and still look badass.

Vaughn Duffy won Illinois in a poker game with Abraham Lincoln.

Vaughn Duffy created corned beef.


(Or, you know, Vaughn Duffy is winery owners Sara Vaughn & Matt Duffy.)

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Vaughn Duffy Russian River Pinot Noir (3)

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Vaughn Duffy Russian River Pinot Noir (3)
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