It's ZINFANDELICIOUS. (we get paid by the pun.)

2013: A recap!

-All the science movies about science came true when a meteor exploded over Russia.

-Scientists created an ear using a 3d printer. They were subsequently banned from Denny’s in an incident involving a bowl of soup and some shrieking.

-The Ravens defeated the 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII. A Memorial Day family barbecue at the Harbaugh household some months later was described as “intense.”

-The federal government shut down, but it wasn’t the basis of a reality show, so nobody noticed.

-The Red Sox won the World Series. St. Louis fans were really depressed because their team lost and also because they live in St. Louis.

-We found out basically everybody was spying on our online activity. Somewhere in a darkened room is a very bored soul poring through status updates about The Walking Dead and pictures of various brunches.

-It definitely snowed at some point.

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