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Who cut this cheese so thoughtfully?

Oh my. Oh dear, terribly sorry. That was a rather unfortunate verbal faux pas and nothing more, I assure you. I was merely referring to the decorative and skillful manner in which someone cut this cheese; it’s truly breathtaking!

Oh my, it seems I’ve only embarrassed myself further! I was of course referring to this Vella Dry Monterey Jack Cheese, and not to the turn of phrase indicating that one has evacuated one’s bowels of gas.

Oh, you were unfamiliar with that phrase? Well, color me triple embarrassed, then.

Well, I’m certain it originated with- You know what? This isn’t the sort of thing to be hashed out over hors d’oeuvres with mixed company, and to be perfectly honest I’d rather just put it behind me.

In fact, let’s just direct our attention away from the cheeses and their slicing and to the Molinari & Sons Italian Dry Salame. Wait a minute, where’d it go? Alright, enough with the games. Who’s playing hide the salami?

Oh dear.

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Italian Dry Salame and Cheese Combo (4)

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Italian Dry Salame and Cheese Combo (4)
$36.99 In Stock Food, Beverages & Tobacco
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