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This week, we’re offering exceptional wines and their culinary counterparts. Perfect pairings! It’s like Bonnie and Clyde without that unfortunate bit at the end. Today’s wine partner: Ewetopia Cheese!

-refreshing acidity, bright fruit flavors, and underlying minerality work with the richness and savory notes in Ewetopia’s Cheese Trio

-tanginess in the Philosopher creamy Feta stands up to the lemon and lime notes in the wine

-caramel and spice notes in the Chardonnay play well with the nuttiness in the Ewetopia Asiago

-salty, creamy flavors in the Cheddar are counterbalanced by subtle spice and mineral notes in the wine

-cheese improves your charisma and makes you better at dancing

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Ty Caton Chardonnay (3)
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