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“Barbara, please. You do this every year. You know we can’t be together. Can’t we just be thankful for the four days of amazing gadgets and unbridled passion we have?”


“How dare you mock my pain. You know these silly trinkets and gizmos they send us here to shill at this consumer electronics convention event mean nothing to me. It’s you! It’s always been you that keeps me coming back. And now I have to watch you get on another plane and fly back to your wife while I go back to nothing? I can’t take it anymore, Dave! I just can’t!”

“Get a hold of yourself, Babs! You know as well as I do this is all we have and this is all we’ll ever have. What we want deep down in our hearts doesn’t change that. Who we are, these creatures of commerce and technology, it’s the only thing we have that’s real. This thing between you and me is just a fairy tale, kid. You gotta see that.”

“Oh, just because I see something doesn’t mean I have to like it, Dave."

“Well then, look here, Babs. Look at this bottle of 2009 Laura Michael Oat Hill Estate Zin. Remember 2009? That was the year you wore that novelty hot dog costume. . .truly special.”

"How could I forget?"

Take this bottle of that excellent vintage, Barbara. Maybe on one of those lonely 361 nights until next year, you can catch the dark, rich flavors of blackberries, plums and cherries, and think of me.”

“But the ample points of complexity from notes of vanilla, espresso, nutmeg and alluring wood nuances won’t be the same without your arms around me. Perhaps I’ll save it until next year as a kind of promise that you’ll come back to me. It’ll be my way of knowing that no matter how bad sales get, no matter what happens in the whirlwind tech industry, we’ll always have each other.”


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