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We've got tonight. Why don't Cuvée?

”Have you tried this Iron Horse Rainbow Cuvée? It's terrific."

"Cuvée? What’s that mean, anyway?"

"Sometimes it’s used to denote a particularly special wine or a unique blend."

"So, it basically means, like … awesome?"

"Well, no, not -"

"Oh man, did you see the game last night? That hit by Nelson Cruz was totally Cuvée."

"Yeah, I mean, you’re in the spirit of things, but -"

“I saw a bear fighting an eagle on the way to work today. So Cuvée, dude."

"We live in Atlanta."

"Have you ever had a chili dog with potato chips on it? Freakin’ Cuvée, my friend."

"You’re a tool."


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Iron Horse Vineyards Rainbow Cuvée (2)
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