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We believe in the right of the gourmand to eat as they please. We believe the government has no right to tell us if we can eat Kalamata, Nafplion, Amfissa or whatever. We believe if you want to eat a strip of roasted pepper and/or lemon zest, you can! That's right, folks. We're Olive-bertarian.

That's why we fully support the Mani Foods Greek Olive Mix. First of all, they're pitless, so you don't have to waste your time with pit disposal. Your time is valuable! You've got things to do! Things like eating delicious olives naturally cured in water and salt, packed in a fruity, peppery, well balanced olive oil from the hills of the Mani region!

We're not falling into some false equivalency argument over the value of a potato chip based snack vs an ice cream and cake snack. That's a system designed to hold itself aloft! We'll have no part of it! Because we know what we know. And our standard for taste is the Mani Foods Greek Olive Mix.

We just wish more people would listen.

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Mani Foods Greek Olives - (Your Choice)

Mani Foods Greek Olives - (Your Choice)
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