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Baby Let’s Clayhouse.

In Vino Mas Vertias: More Brutal and Anonymous Truths

Truth #1: I ate your decorative soap by accident.

Truth #2: Nobody else does that when they sleep. It's not a normal thing. It's very weird. You're very weird.

Truth #3: I know exactly how that squirrel got in your handbag.

Truth #4: That soup had another secret ingredient.

Truth #5: The "antique" bowl was actually an ashtray from a hotel room.

Truth #6: I'm not really allergic to broccoli.

Truth #7: The door wasn't actually stuck shut. That's where I kept my secret pony and I didn't want anyone to know.

Truth #8: The medal I claimed to have earned for "acts of bravery and integrity" was a prize from one of those crane-game things. I won it.

Truth #9: I didn't actually win that thing. I put my arm in the slot and reached up inside the machine. I cheated at a carnival game.

Truth #10: I don't know what that language was, but it sure wasn't French.

Truth #11: I let go on purpose because I'm terrified of balloons.

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