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The Most Dollarful Time of the Year

In the biz world, “Q4” refers to the year’s fourth quarter: That frenzied season starting in October when retailers hurl discounted inventory at regular human beings, prodding them to the edge of madness with every passing day.

Yes, we’re an e-commerce site owned by a bigger e-commerce site, so we kinda have to love the shopping blitz. But we haven’t lost sight of what’s most important this season: Wine.

And loved ones.

And sharing wine with the loved ones.

If you’re reading this today, hopefully it means you’re hanging out at home and not battling shoppers in a brick-and-mortar melee. Maybe you’re with people you care about. Maybe you’re sharing wine with them. Maybe they’re about to drive you crazy with their questions about your job and why you haven’t given them grandchildren yet and MAYBE I’M HAPPY WITH MY LIFE RIGHT NOW, MOM.

These are the things we must treasure.

So eschew the insanity this Q4 - even if it’s only for a moment - and reflect on all the things that are really really intangibly good in your life. Be grateful for whatever’s worked out for you this year. Tell the people who matter to you that they matter to you. And then pour yourself a big glass of wine because your cousin Patricia is coming and she’s convinced she can sing.

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