Rutherford Hill Napa Valley Rosé (4)

by wootbot

Rosie Rose

One should always buy a four pack. That way, one is always prepared for one's company to arrive. Unless one's friends are sick of the way one talks.

Grape juice. Grape skins. One would think that when they meet, the two of them would just be bored. After all, one knows they spend so much of their life together, right? And yet, when the folks of Rutherford Hill let them meet, the brief collision produces a pretty red color that catches one's eye and makes one think "One really could enjoy a wine like that, couldn't one?"

So one better get off one's duff and make a purchase here, because otherwise, one isn't going to get to enjoy the aroma of strawberries and plums, nor will one get to enjoy the full-body and bright acidity.

One would get to enjoy a long whine, however, when one has a little pity party for one's self in which one has nothing to serve but water because one took too long. Does that sound like something one would enjoy? No?

Well, then. CLICK THE FREAKIN' BUTTON, JERKFACE. But we mean that in the MOST refined and civilized way.