Raised By Wolves Washington Viognier (4)

by wootbot

A Jungle of Flavor

Once raised by wolves, always raised by wolves.

"Hey Mowgli! Mowgli! Check out what they had at the store."


"It's Raised By Wolves wine, and I'm telling you--"

Wait, no, let me guess. Because I was raised by wolves, I'm going to love it. No, not only am I going to love it; I was DESTINED to have it.


Tim, here's the deal: I know I was raised by wolves, and I know you know I was raised by wolves. They wrote a book about it, made a movie about it, and basically everybody knows about it, but that doesn't mean you need to bring me every product you see that says 'Raised By Wolves' on it.

"But I thought--"

Yeah, I know what you thought, but what's going to be next? A full-grown wolf that also happened to be raised by wolves. You know my landlord won't allow that.

"Honestly, I got it because I know you love Viognier."

It's a Viognier? Why didn't you say so?

"Well, I--"

Does it have the aromatically complex blend of citrus and honeysuckle notes on the nose and a plush feel on the palate, displaying a balance of natural acidity and intense concentration?

"Yes... actually, exactly that."

Great! I'll call up Baloo. Think you can whip up a bundt cake or something?