Martian Ranch Santa Ynez Red

by wootbot

Ssa Sdrawkcab

Life is short! Sometimes you gotta take the time to be silly, and also to stop and smell the nose of big dark fruits, ya know?

I once had a friend who was so tired of getting solicitation calls that he actually requested that his name be printed BACKWARDS in the Yellow Pages (Remember those?). They did it. And for the next few years he giggled every time the person on the other end asked to speak to "Mr. Yrdnal."

The reason I'm telling you this story right now is because whenever I see the word "Ynez," it reminds me of my dear friend, Mr. Yrdnal. And also I may have forgotten to take my meds this morning. Regardless, in honor of Mr. Yrdnal, I shall write all the rest of the words in this wine description backwards, starting WON…

Eht 9002 Naitram Hcnar Ehcanerg si a peed, krad tey tnarbiv der roloc taht strats ffo htiw samora fo der tiurf dna ecips. Mmm. T'nseod taht dnuos ymmuy? Won M'i ton yllausu a naf fo tnim, yllaicepse nehw deriap htiw etalocohc (I wonk, M'i driew), tub eht seiteltbus fo seirrebpsar, sbreh dna a hcuot fo tnim ni siht hsinif era yllaer brepus.

Dna t'nod neve teg em gniog tuoba eht 9002 Naitram Hcnar Harys! Eerht sdrow: Krad. Yhtrae. Ytaem. Dna s'tel ton tegrof tuoba eht eson fo gib krad stiurf htiw a psiw fo, s'tahw siht? Gnihtemos yllatot detcepxenu. Reppep? Llew I t'nod dnim fi I od!