James Family Cellars Pinot Noir (3)

by wootbot

Seems to me- wait, sorry, that's the James GANG. This is the James Family. Entirely different set of people. Our mistake. Carry on.

Pinot Noir is good for a get-together, nice in the background at dinner, and yet also able to carry an evening by itself. Sounds a lot like a respectable classic rock CD, doesn't it? Sure, wine is normally thought of as high class and rock-n-roll thought of as, well, slightly less. But today the hardest rockers of yesteryear are gettin' up there, right? And the idea of sitting with a good wine and some memories of concerts gone by- well, there's no shame in THAT.

Here's what we're thinking: put on Quadrophenia and open up one the 2008 Pinot. Marvel at how mature you are, and how much work you've put into your life. Remember when you first heard this record over those terrible speakers you bought out of a white van? And now, you've got a sound system worth bragging about. As well as a passable wine collection. Which, incidentally, will be welcoming this lovely mix of silky caramel, vanilla and dark cherry with a hint of plum in the finish.

See? Being mature isn't so bad. Those punks today WISH they could rock as hard as "Funk #49".