Electric Houdini Corkscrew

by wootbot

Starting A Band

Just stick to your day job, alright? That's a damn fine corkscrew. What more do you want?

"Guys, I'm thinking of starting a band. You want in?"

What's it called?

"That's the best part. You ready for it … Electric Houdini."

Dude. No.

"What? It's an awesome name!"

Yeah. An awesome name for a corkscrew with a built-in foil cutter on top.

"C'mon! There have definitely been weirder band names."

Do you even play an instrument?

"Sure. I mean, yeah. Of course."

Oh yeah? What?

"Listen what happens when I run my finger along the top of these bottles containing varying levels of partially consumed wine. You hear that?"

Yeah, we hear it. And it's terrible. Seriously, maybe you should just stick to bartending corporate events.

"Maybe you're right. It doesn't get much better than pulling up to 30 corkscrews on a single charge. Hey! That'd be a great name for a first single, don't you think? 30 Corkscrews On A Single Charge!"

Ugh. No.